About Booter

What is Booter?

Booter – Bots & Crawlers Manager is a preventative measure (treatment in advance) and treatment of damages caused by crawlers and bots.
The plugin uses a number of existing technologies which are known by crawlers and bots and takes them one step forward – smartly and almost completely automatically.
To allow the plugin to function correctly, you must follow the instructions and manually enter some data (which must be done by a human being to avoid errors).


Booter allows you to manage and create an advanced dynamic robots.txt file.
View a 404 error log to see the most common bad links.
Blocking bad bots that cause high server loads due to very frequent page crawls, or are used to search for security vulnerabilities.


Booter allows you to limit the amount of requests from crawlers and bots, if or when they exceed the specified amount of requests per minute, it will be rejected for a specified period of time.
Rejecting links that we do not want in the fastest way, not by just blocking but by sending the appropriate HTTP status code to make search engines forget them.

After many years of experience in the hosting world, we identified the great usage trend of WordPress. We decided to invest our best efforts in developing a unique product that will change the rules of the game regarding WordPress hosting.
We created a group of network administrators, software developers, cyber experts, networking specialists, UX-UI designers, and WordPress experts
And together developed the hosting solution we dreamed of, a revolutionary and unique management panel that makes managing your server and the WordPress experience as easy and efficient as possible for Both beginners and advanced users alike.

Thanks to the advanced technological tools we have developed on our servers, we can ensure peak speeds and strong security.
Every day we improve our systems to continue to stand at the forefront of managed hosting services, with an emphasis on WordPress.

We at uPress believe that security should not be limited to tech-savvy people and should be something everyone can accomplish with ease.
This is the cornerstone for unleashing the potential WordPress has with its features, speed, stability, and security.

More and more websites choose booter