How To Treat Pharma Hack

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Instructions for use in case of damage treatment

This is recommended only if you think there are a high number of spammy links, artificial links, or low quality links pointing to your website
and the links have caused manual action against your website, or there is a high probability that it will happen in the future (due to paid links or other link fraud that violate search engine quality guidelines).

  1. Activate the plugin.
  2. Enable the 404 error log option.
  3. Set the access rate limit.
  4. Make sure that you do not disallow the links you want to be removed in the robots.txt file, you should allow search engines to attempt to retrieve the page and fail.
  5. Download the disavow list (spam domains or links that we want search engines to ignore when they see links to our website on them) created by Booter and submit it to search engines. (It’s important to protect all variations of the URL that lead to the content you want to not index, with www, https, or without.)395
  6. Watch the 404 log, try to find common parts in the URLs that repeats most often.
  7. Enter the common parts to the “reject links” page, and ensure the rejection code is 410.
  8. Clear the 404 error log.
  9. Repeat the process once every few hours until the 404 error log remains blank.
  10. Check the status of your website’s index coverage every few days.

Instructions for routine maintenance and defence

This is recommended if your site has successfully remedied links from spam websites, or there are no artificial or low-quality links pointing to your website.

  1. Activate the plugin.
  2. Enable the 404 error log option.
  3. Disable the access rate limit (to not waste server resources).
  4. Submit a list disavowed backlinks and/or domains to search engines, this will request the search engine to not index the link if it is coming from one of the links or domains provided in the list.
  5. Enable the robots.txt management, Set a crawl rate other than the default, and include the rejected links in the disallowed list.
  6. Check the status of your website’s index coverage every few days.

Hide search results within a single day

The URL removal tool allows you to temporarily hide (up to 90 days) pages from search engine results for websites you own.
It’s important to remember that hiding the page does not imply removing it from the search index, it will still be indexed and crawled, they just won’t be shown in the search results.
Search engines will continue to crawl the URL, so it’s important to “reject” the URL with Booter. If the hiding period will end without rejecting the URL this page will appear again in search results.

  1. Open the URL removal tool.
  2. Click Hide temporarily.
  3. Enter the relative path for the URL you want to hide. For example:
    /public_html /index.php? /test
  4. Click continue.
  5. Choose clear cache and temporarily hide all URLs starting with…
  6. To permanently remove a URL, reject the URL with Booter.

More and more websites choose booter

Booter – Bots & Crawlers Manager is a preventative measure (treatment in advance) and treatment of damages caused by crawlers and bots.

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