Terms & Conditions

Thanks for using Booter – Bots & Crawlers Manager.

Booter Plugin comes without any warranty. However, Booter Plugin will do everything it can to provide support and solve issues for customers.

Booter Plugin is guaranteed to work on a clean WordPress installation. Due to the nature of WordPress, with its vast amount of plugins, Booter Plugin cannot guarantee the plugins to work with all third-party software, plugins, and themes. We do not assume responsibility and will not be held responsible for any compatibility issues or conflicts caused by third-party software, plugins, themes, and/or server configuration. If any issues arise with third-party software, support is provided at our discretion.

Booter WordPress Plugin manages a dialogue with the search engine bots, using the plugin incorrectly can result in uncontrollable results on search engine response.
Booter WordPress Plugin knows how to communicate best with search engine bots and purpose for that – but does not take responsibility for the impact SEO can have on websites.

Booter Plugin distributes the plugin “as is” and with no implied meaning that they will function exactly as you would like, or that they will be compatible with all third-party components and plugins.

Booter Plugin attempts to provide a high level of support. however, we can not guarantee that every support request can, or will be answered to the complete satisfaction of the inquirer.

Automatic Updates
Automatic updates are available for Booter Plugin. Automatic updates are available through the standard WordPress interface, and no special registration is required to receive updates.

The plugins developed by uPress Team are provided without any kind of expressed or implied warranty. uPress Ltd is not liable for any damages, including but not limited to, direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages or losses that occur due to the use or inability to use Booter Plugin.

Website & Plugin Content
All content used on the website and plugin, including code, images, documentation, support and any other information is the property of uPress Ltd and may not be redistributed without permission or consent.

This agreement is governed by the laws of Israel and the court in Tel-Aviv has exclusive jurisdiction to handle any dispute.